What type of original thinker are you?

The Dreamer

Head in the clouds? Sure - that's where the brainstorms happen. Not only are you drawn to the brightest ideas, but your belief that anything is possible helps you accomplish what others consider impossible. Download your Original Thinker guide for Dreamers.

A Kimberly-Clark Dreamer



"Great work comes from pushing outside the comfort zone to find solutions to questions that others didn't think to ask." Marayia, Global Senior Design Manager

For Marayia, imaginative thinking is a daily part of her role as senior design manager. Working on Kimberly-Clark's child care brands, Pull-ups and GoodNites, she spends her days telling visual brand stories through best-in-class packaging and product – with a little help from Disney. Fun character play for an emotional connection is a good day. Mickey approved.

The Analyzer

Big questions like, "How?" and "Why?" capture your imagination. As you dive far and deep for the answers, you also immerse yourself in the details. Problem solving appeals to your logical side, but it's the bursts of insight that fuel your passions. Download your Original Thinker guide for Analyzers.

A Kimberly-Clark Analyzer



"My job is all about analyzing questions like, "How can we do this?" and "What will happen if we do that?" Reza, Lead Scientist

Reza's innate curiosity makes him want to look at challenges in new ways, abandoning the constraints of the way things have been done in the past and learning how to answer new questions. His desire to explore extends to his love of year-round cycling, motorcycle riding and sailing – as well as to his work on Viva, Scott, Huggies, U by Kotex, and Kleenex brands.

The Disrupter

Not one to shy away from debate, you are hard-wired to throw convention out the window and uproot any and all assumptions. The disruption leads to profound change that replaces the old with something new, better and more productive. Download your Original Thinkers guide for Disrupters.

A Kimberly-Clark Disrupter



"My nemesis is the idea of doing something because that's how it has always been done. I take that as a challenge to change and improve things." Melissa, Digital Producer, ITS Global Marketing

Melissa feels encouraged at Kimberly-Clark - encouraged to think differently and generate new ideas. And new ideas are totally appropriate for someone in the digital space looking to provide the best possible online experience for consumers. Flexible scheduling helps Melissa stay balanced as the mom to a 10-month-old and three-year-old.

The Muse

Your warmth and natural empathy inspire those around you to do their best work. If you seem quiet, it’s only because you are considering so many creative options. You don’t feel the need to share every idea you come up with – just the brilliant ones. Download your Original Thinkers guide for Muses.

A Kimberly-Clark Muse



"I absolutely love doing research with consumers. Hearing them validate or totally disprove your hypotheses can be one of the best learning exercises." Gacia, Lead Scientist

With her background in psychology and multi-lingual fluency, Gacia could have started her career anywhere – but she chose Kimberly-Clark. It played to her ability to generate lots of ideas yet be selective about which ones are most worth pursuing. She gets to put that creative spirit to work all the time, whether in concept writing or consumer research.

The Adaptor

You enjoy exploring every side of an issue and like a wicked great maestro you tease out the positive in each approach. Your resourcefulness and ability to easily adapt to the latest input often makes you the one who finds answers to the most challenging questions. Download your Original Thinkers guide for Adaptors.

A Kimberly-Clark Adaptor



"Being an adaptable person allows you to enter each situation with an open mindset and to explore all options." Katlin, Strategic Material Planner

Katlin believes that each day presents new opportunities to think outside the box and come up with new solutions to challenges - always balancing costs, customers, objectives and expected results. She's patient - but doesn't hesitate when a decision must be made.

The Nonconformist

You are a true maverick. Always looking for a better way, you’re such an “outside the box” thinker that people wonder if you’ve ever even seen the box. That’s okay. Your exuberance for the unexpected always gives people something new to consider. Download your Original Thinkers guide for Nonconformists.

A Kimberly-Clark NonConformist



"I love getting to work with talented, driven people who are passionate about their work and eager to find solutions." Usman, Business Analyst

Usman began his Kimberly-Clark career as a finance intern and found that he loves examining issues from all angles in order to come up with innovative solutions to meet customer needs. He brings his unique, nonconformist, perspective to his multi-functional team to help them continue to innovate products.

The Maker

You have an amazing ability to understand how things work and how to make them work better. You can come up with a hack for anything. Whether it’s eye-popping art or a DIY phone app…you’re just the one to create it. Download your Original Thinkers guide for Makers.

A Kimberly-Clark Maker



"I constantly want to learn and find ways to improve." Kristina, Associate Category Development Manager, Sales

Kristina is always looking to get her creative juices flowing, to come up with something that has been never been done before or to make a process better, stronger and more efficient. This motivates her to aim for new heights of achievement as an avid ballet dancer and tennis player, as well as in her career at Kimberly-Clark.

The Inventor

What's the big idea? Usually, it's one of yours...an obvious breakthrough that no one else saw coming. You may have to exercise patience while everybody else catches up and catches on. Great discoveries are worth waiting for. Download your Original Thinkers guide for Inventors.

A Kimberly-Clark Inventor



"Original thinking is what makes Kimberly-Clark agile and innovative." Kristina, Product Developer

Kristina is a quick thinker who is always looking to make products better by pushing boundaries and finding new ways to tackle things. She loves helping her teammates think about solving problems in a new way.

Career Opportunities in Neenah-Appleton, WI

Here at our North American Consumer headquarters, we’re on a quest for Original Thinkers to solve problems and create solutions—before our consumers even realize they need them. If you want to help make lives better and make a direct impact on essential brands like Kleenex and Huggies, we have a place for you here or at one of our 28 other locations in North America and around the world. Learn more about career opportunities.

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